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In this section we offer kits RIAs, ELISAs and testing innovative chemiluminescence (CLA) for routine and research applications in the fields of diagnosis of diabetes, endocrinology, prenatal and postnatal monitoring, thyroid function and many more ...

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CLAS – chemiluminiscence assays Diabetes -gastro-pancreatic Salivary diagnosis Tumor diagnosis Drug monitoring Fertility and pregnancy Endocrinology Autoimmune Diseases Cardiovascular diseases Infectious Diseases Growth factors Thyroid Function Metabolism and bone mineral Immunology and Hematology Leukotrienes and prostaglandins Neuropeptide Pituitary and adrenal function Vitamins Veterinary Diagnostic







5-HIAA (Urine) EIA-4482 96 Wells 60/60/30 min
Adrenalin EIA-1908 96 Wells 14-20h/120/40 min
Adrenalin EIA-4306 96 Wells 3.5h
Adrenalin RIA-4307 50 Tests 3h
Adrenalin / Epinephrine (DA) RIA-0242 50 Tests 1/18h
Adrenalin Research EIA-4776 96 Wells 30/120/30 min
Alpha-ANP 1-28 (hum, can.) (DA) RIA-0715 125 Tests 16-24/16-24h/90 min
ANF (Rat) (DA) RIA-0723 125 Tests 16-24/16-24h/90 min
Angiotensin II (Human) (DA) RIA-3020 100 Tests 6/18-22 h/30-60 min
Angtiotensin I RIA-5309 100 Tests 120 min
ANP (DA) RIA-3453 100 Tests 18h/overnight/30 min
ANP (Human) (DA) RIA-1643 125 Tests 16-24/16-24h/90 min
Big Endothelin (Rat) EIA-3617 96 Wells overnight/30/30 min
Big Endothelin-1 EIA-3110 96 Wells 18-24h/30/30 min
Big Endothelin-I (22-38) (Hum.) (DA) RIA-1127 125 Tests 16-24/16-24h/90 min
Big Endothelin-I (Human) (DA) RIA-0663 125 Tests 16-24/16-24h/90 min
BNP-32 (Rat) (DA) RIA-0720 125 Tests 16-24/16-24h/90 min
BNP-45 (Rat) (DA) RIA-0719 125 Tests 16-24/16-24h/90 min
C-Type Natr. Pept. 22 (Human, Rat) (DA) RIA-1118 125 Tests 16-24/16-24h/90 min
Carbonylprotein EIA-5141 96 Wells 3h / 20/20/20 min
Cat Combi (Adrenalin/Noradrenalin) EIA-4309 2 x 96 Wells 3.5h
Cat Combi (Adrenalin/Noradrenalin) EIA-3175 2 x 96 Wells 120/90/15 min
Cat Combi (Adrenalin/Noradrenalin) (DA) RIA-1303 2 x 50 Tests 15-20h/15 min
Cat Combi (Adrenalin/Noradrenalin) (DA) RIA-4310 2 x 50 Tests 3h
Cat Combi (Adrenalin/Noradrenalin) Saliva RIA-4308 2 x 50 Tests on request
Cat Combi Research EIA-4892 2 x 96 Wells 2h/15-20h/20-30 min
CETP EIA-4621 96 Wells 60/60/10 min
CK-MB EIA-4361 96 Wells 120/15 min
CRP (C-reactive Protein) EIA-1952 96 Wells 30/30/10 min
CRP (Mouse) EIA-4823 96 Wells 60/30/5-10 min
CRP (Rat) EIA-4695 96 Wells 30/30/10 min
CRP HS (high sensitive) EIA-3954 96 Wells 45/20 min
CRP HS (high sensitive) EIA-4584 96 Wells 30/30/10 min
CTGF EIA-5195 96 Wells 120/60/30/15 min
Cystatin C (human) EIA-4394 96 Wells 30/30/10 min
Digoxin EIA-3268 96 Wells 30/15 min
Dopamin EIA-4615 96 Wells 120/60/40 min
Dopamin EIA-4161 96 Wells 30/120/30/30-45 min
Dopamin (DA) RIA-4311 50 Tests 3 h
Dopamin (DA) RIA-1983 50 Tests 1/18 h
Dopamin Research EIA-4824 96 Wells 30/120/30/30 min
Endothelin EIA-2374 96 Wells 18/1 h
Endothelin RIA-4879 100 Tests 18-24/18-24h/30-60 min
Endothelin-1 EIA-3111 96 Wells 18-24h/30/30 min
Endothelin-1 (Human, Porcine) (DA) RIA-0660 125 Tests 16-24/16-24h/90 min
Endothelin-2 (Human) (DA) RIA-0661 125 Tests 16-24/16-24h/90 min
Endothelin-3 (Human, Rat) (DA) RIA-0662 125 Tests 16-24/16-24h/90 min
Extraction Set for EIA-4080 EIA-4081 48 Extractions
FGF-19 EIA-5156 96 Wells 60/60/30/10 min
Galactose neonate (excl. Membrane Plate) EIA-1487 192 Wells 60/60/30 min
Galactose neonate (incl. Membrane Plate) EIA-1486 192 Wells 60/60/30 min
GSTA (Glutathione S-Transferase Alpha) EIA-4930 96 Wells 60/60/30 min
Hepcidin EIA-4705 96 Wells 30/180/45/30 min
Hepcidin Prohormone EIA-4644 96 Wells 60/30/15 min
hGH EIA-3552 96 Wells 1h/15 min
hGH (DA) RIA-0225 100 Tests 120 min
hGH IRMA RIA-3650 96 Wells 2 h
Histamine EIA-4005 96 Wells 15-20/1h/20-30 min
Histamine (Rat) RIA-4312 50 Tests on request
Histamine Cell Cuture EIA-4616 96 Wells 15/30/10/15 min
Histamine Food EIA-4428 96 Wells 30/10/15 min
Homocysteine (without controls) EIA-2925 96 Wells 30/20/10 min
Homocysteine Kit Controls for EIA-2925 EIA-2925C 3 vials
HVA EIA-1573 96 Wells 60/25 min
ICAM -1 EIA-4781 96 Wells 2h/10 min
Lactate (Salivary) SLV-4764 96 Wells 30/10 min
LDL ox (competitive) EIA-4261 96 Wells 120/60/15 min
LDL ox (sandwich) EIA-3430 96 Wells 2/1h/15 min
Lp (a) EIA-4367 96 Wells 120/30 min
Melatonin EIA-1431 96 Wells 14-20h/120/60 min
Melatonin (DA) Serum Plasma, Saliva RIA-3972 100 Tests 1h/1h/20-24h/20 min
Melatonin (Rat) RIA-4483 100 Tests 1/1/20-24h/20 min
Melatonin direct (Salivary) SLV-4779 96 Wells 16-20/2/1h/15 min
Melatonin Research RIA-4496 100 Tests 1/1/20-24h/20/15 min
Melatonin-Sulfate EIA-1432 96 Wells 120/30 min
Metanephrine Plasma RIA-4314 50 Tests Overnight
Metanephrine Plasma EIA-4313 96 Wells Overnight
Metanephrine Urine EIA-4315 96 Wells 2h
Metanephrine Urine RIA-4316 50 Tests 1.5h
MetCombi Plasma RIA-4466 2 x 50 Tests overnight/15 min
MetCombi Plasma EIA-4865 2 x 96 Wells 16-20h 2-8°C, 90/15-30 m RT
MetCombi Plasma (Metanephrine/Normetan) EIA-4082 2 x 96 Wells 16-20h/30/20-30 min
MetCombi Plasma (Metanephrine/Normetan.) (DA) RIA-4012 2 x 50 Tests 15 min/15-20h/15 min
MetCombi Urine (Metanephrine/Normetan.) EIA-4083 2 x 96 Wells 30/30/15-20 min
MetCombi Urine (Metanephrine/Normetan.) (DA) RIA-4006 2 x 50 Tests 60/15 min
MPO (Myeloperoxidase) EIA-4571 96 Wells 60/60/15 min
Myelin Basic Protein (MBP) EIA-3725 96 Wells 2/1h/10 min
Myoglobin EIA-3955 96 Wells 45/20 min
Myoglobin (DA) RIA-0321 100 Tests 30 min
Nitrotyrosine Plasma EIA-5168 96 Wells 150/60/10-20 min
Noradrenalin EIA-4317 96 Wells 3.5h
Noradrenalin EIA-2049 96 Wells 14-20h/120/20 min
Noradrenalin (DA) RIA-4318 50 Tests 3h
Noradrenalin Research EIA-4706 96 Wells 30/120/30 min
Normetanephrine Plasma RIA-4320 50 Tests Overnight
Normetanephrine Plasma EIA-4319 96 Wells Overnight
Normetanephrine Urine EIA-4321 96 Wells 2h
Normetanephrine Urine RIA-4322 50 Tests 1.5h
Oxytocin EIA-3117 96 Wells 18-24/1 h
Oxytocin (DA) RIA-0701 125 Tests 16-24/16-24h/90 min
PAPP-A (ultrasensitive) EIA-4512 96 Wells 60/60/30/15 min
Phenylalanin Neonate (incl. Membrane Plate) EIA-1477 192 Wells 60/45 min
Phenylalanine (PKU) neonatal Screening Assay ENZ-4743 2400 Wells 30/30 min
Phenylalanine Neonate (excl. Membrane Plate) EIA-1478 192 Wells 60/45 min
PKU ENZ-4530 480 Tests 30/30 min
PKU ENZ-4502 480 Tests 30/30 min
PKU ENZ-4531 2400 Tests 30/30 min
Plasma Renin Activity (PRA) EIA-5308 192 Wells 60/30/15 min
Prepro BNP 22-46 (Human) (DA) RIA-1653 125 Tests 16-24/16-24h/90 min
Prepro-ANF 104-116 (DA) RIA-1646 125 Tests 16-24/16-24h/90 min
Prepro-ANF 104-123 (Human) (DA) RIA-0743 125 Tests 16-24/16-24h/90 min
Prepro-ANF 26-55 (Human) (DA) RIA-1644 125 Tests 16-24/16-24h/90 min
Prepro-ANF 56-92 (DA) RIA-1645 125 Tests 16-24/16-24h/90 min
Prepro-Endothelin (18-50) (DA) RIA-2399 125 Tests 16-24/16-24h/90 min
Prepro-Endothelin (94-109) (Porcine) (DA) RIA-1129 125 Tests 16-24/16-24h/90 min
Relaxin EIA-4770 96 Wells 2/2h/20-30 min
Renin RIA-4541 100 Tests 3h
Renin (active) RIA-5201 96 Tests 180 min
Renin active EIA-5125 96 Wells 90/90/15 min
Renin Plasma Activity (PRA)/Angiotensin I RIA-0180 100 Tests 3 h
Retinol binding Protein (RBP) EIA-4391 96 Wells 60/60/20 min
RLMB (Mouse) RIA-4389 125 Tests 1h/1h/20 min
Serotonin EIA-3947 96 Wells 60/30/20 min
Serotonin (DA) RIA-3974 100 Tests 30/90/15/15 min
Serotonin FAST EIA-5061 96 Wells 30/15/15 min
Serotonin Research (ultra sensitive) RIA-4704 96 Wells 30min/15-20h/15 min
Serotonin Research (ultra sensitive) EIA-4642 96 Wells 30m/15-20h 2-8°C/30/20-30
TAU total EIA-3724 192 Wells 2/1h/30/60 min
TAU total EIA-3723 96 Wells 2/1h/30/60 min
TriCat (Adren/Noradren/Dopamin) (DA) RIA-2745 3 x 50 Tests 30/30/30 min
TriCat (Adrenalin/Noradrenalin/Dopamin) EIA-4634 3x96 Wells 30/20/120/60/40 min
TriCat (Adrenalin/Noradrenalin/Dopamin) EIA-4080 3x96 Wells 30/120/15 min
TriCat (Adrenalin/Noradrenalin/Dopamin) Saliva RIA-4323 3x50 Tests
TriCat Research EIA-4891 3 x 96 Wells 2h/15-20h/20-30 min
Troponin I EIA-2952 96 Wells 90/20 min
Trypsin (DA) RIA-3751 100 Tests 3h/45 min
Trypsin Neonate EIA-1278 192 Wells 18-24h/60/15 min
Vasopressin EIA-3122 96 Wells 18-24/1 h
Vasopressin (DA) RIA (ADH, AVP) RIA-3021 96 Wells 24/24h/30 min
VCAM-1 EIA-3675 192 Wells 3h/30/30 min
VMA EIA-1620 96 Wells 60/25 min
Zeta Globin EIA-5047 96 Wells 30/30/15 min


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