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RIA or radioimmunoassay kit

ria kit

Although the technique of radioimmunoassay has been neglected to a certain extent by the ELISA technique, it is still used with some frequency. This is why from Medical Hart we offer RIA kits that are highly effective and offer rapid results using radiometrics. Thanks to their great effectiveness, they achieve that the antibodies bind to an antigenic molecule and radioactively mark it.

Why use a radioimmunoassay kit?

Is used for detection and quantification of substances found in minute quantities and mixed among many others. Therefore, it is a very sensitive and very specific technique that may use high affinity antibodies that can detect even picograms of antigen.

Mixing a constant amount of radiolabeled antigen and a constant amount of an antibody for that antigen, a reaction occurs between the antigen (Ag) and antibody (Ab). After separating the fraction of antigen that has bound, radioactivity is determined and if the sample contains cold antigen (unmarked), it will compete with the marked to bind to the antibody and thus a decrease in the the radioactivity can be measured. The decrease is proportional to the cold antigen concentration in the sample.

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