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Shockwave Equipment

shockwaves equipment

The shock wave therapy has become a reference in things related to the treatment of localized muscle-skeletical pathology which includes plantar fasciitis, trigger points, rotator cuff disorders and a variety of tendinopathy among some other chronic diseases. Hartbiomedica has a large range of shockwave equipment to perform these kind of therapies.

This kind of therapy was created three decades ago and since this time the clinical experience and modern engineering were grow and allow the development of products such as OrthoPACE, a device according to many clinical studies and different trials that conform its high efficacy and excellent safety.

OrthoPACE has been designed for specialists in orthopedics, traumatology and sports medicine, being indicated for specific treatments such as those cited above to which we can add nonunion, patellar tendinitis, osteoarthritis, hip bursitis and also can be used to accelerate healing with fusion, fracture fixation or graft.

Chock waves biological signals to activate an angiogenic response, meaning a significant improvement in revascularization and microcirculatory, which enhances the body’s natural mechanisms in terms of regeneration and healing such as bones, ligaments and tendons, reducing considerably the painful process and restoring mobility in a short period of time.

Another advantage of OrthoPACE is that only require one or two treatments to be successful, guarantying incredible results in a short time. Also, to have a device of this kind, provides added value to the patients with the latest technology to treat them.

The extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) has proven very effective, usually after just one treatment. Is notable for being non-invasive, not be a risk of infections and allow future treatments in the same area.

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