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Sale of radioisotopes

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The experience provided by years of research and work has made Hartbiomedica a benchmark in the world of laboratory research, offering all the products needed for different techniques, none as necessary today as is nuclear medicine.

For this reason the buy of radioisotopes is another of the many alternatives that customers can find on our website. Products used in nuclear medicine for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, offering a wide range of products to meet any kind of demand from customers (hospitals, laboratories, research centers, etc..)

Thanks to our diverse offer we can supply virtually any radioisotope to make much more effective diagnostics than those performed with other techniques, since the display of both functions and organs is more complete and detects all microconstituents forming part of our body.

Hartbiomedica makes available to all entities and agencies requiring radioisotopes a complete service and a catalog with advantageous solutions, managing to optimize every step of all related processes, resulting in better and more reliable diagnosis and for this we offer the highest quality in all our products to those seeking the best product you can find without any problem.

CONTACT US: if you have a query about our products or services, need more information or you want to request a quote, please use our contact form. Thank you.


Information about the available equipment in Hart Biomédica:


Immunoassy analyzer

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