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Chemiluminescence Kit

Chemiluminescence Kit

The chemiluminescence kit is positioned as one of the best methods for detecting transfer in many protein laboratories by providing high sensitivity in detection as well as in digital imaging. Today there are a variety of chemiluminescent substrates for any kind of need, either for a laboratory, research centers or, for example, for an experiment.

The chemiluminescent substrates are made of two components, a stable peroxide solution and an enhanced solution of luminol. For an effective solution, both components have to be mixed together and, when incubated with a test antibody, a chemical reaction occurs which emits luminescence and may be detected by a sensitive camera.

Due to the variety of chemiluminescent substrates, they differ in price, ease of use, sensitivity and compatibility with imaging equipment. The most expensive are the more sensitive substrates but all have a clear common denominator, excellent quality and a large number of possible uses.

The process for preparing the working solution of the substrate and its application is virtually identical for all chemiluminescent substrates, although each has unique requirements for optimization. Therefore, we have a wide range of products to get the best results without having to spend a lot of time.

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