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Ecoscint, scintillation liquid


Scintillation fluids are widely used in the field of detection and quantification of radioactivity by allowing the transformation of energy decay of the radionuclides into light. It's a radioactivity detection technique known as liquid scintillation, very useful to quantify and identify very low energy pure beta emitting radioisotopes.

¡Ecoscint is a scintillation fluid featuring a capacity to hold samples with high efficiency and that can accommodate up to 40%, while maintaining a liquid phase. It also offers a great resistance to photoluminescence and chemiluminescence, being easily biodegradable with a DOC removal of over 70% in 10 days.

It also has a high flash point, low odor and low toxicity, which makes Ecoscint scintillation liquid the best to work with. It also may be noted that it is not necessary to use it or store it under a fume cabinet, revealing its stability and security to work with this liquid. Ecoscint maintains a great capacity to retain the sample for many kinds of solutions. These and many other features make it a benchmark in the world of analysis.

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