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Histology Products

Histology Products

Products dedicated to histology belonging to Hartbiomédica’s catalog are highly regarded in the research sector and thanks to their quality and variety have become a benchmark used by specialists worldwide for any kind of study on any tissue. Histology products like Calci-Clear, which can decalcify any kind of tissue thanks to its effective solution of chelating agents. Histoclear is a breakthrough avoiding to have to breathe xylene during histologies. It is distilled from oranges, purified and fully stabilized, making it one of the safest clearing agents at the time, as much as the other members of the Histoclear family.

Hydromount is one of the logical choices every time you need a nonfluorescent aqueous medium. It is made from water and is ideal for mounting samples that are processed in the water. It is very effective in frozen sections, amyloid and also in processes of immunofluorescence staining. Likewise, Neutralin is one of the products of proven efficiency for removing formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde and various aldehyde solutions. Neutralin is able to reduce disposal costs and helps to achieve a safer working environment.

These are just some of the many products that Hartbiomedica offers to all sector specialists, who know how to appreciate our know-how and wide product range.

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