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Radiological protection

radiation protection material

Any laboratory or job related to this field must remain clean at all times and Hartbiomedica offers a wide range of radiation protection materials so that everything is always ready to work, with no risk and with a maximum cleaning rate.

Nucleate BD is a concentrated solution, highly efficient for a quick and safe removal of any element from any glass item of the laboratory and a general laboratory degreaser. Depending on the area to be cleaned must be diluted with a certain proportion of water or even can be used undiluted. It is characterized by being biodegradable and more effective than chromic acid.

NUC wipes are another of our products. They are completely soluble in any kind of scintillation solution and, as they can be dissolved completely, no beta emission can be absorbed by any undissolved portion of this tissue.

The absorbent paper towel allows to protect any plastic work surface. Any spill or leakage can be contained without having to clean too much. It is available in pre-cut sheets or directly on a roll, so it's available at any time to have a completely clean workspace surface where to work safely.

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