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Electrophoresis Reagents

Electrophoresis Reagents

Hartbiomedica has a long experience in the world of medicine, with products, laboratory equipment and tools that include notably the sale of electrophoresis reagents, with first-rate products highly valued in the fields of medicine and research.

We have a wide range of products of different classes that can meet any kind of requirement or demand, including notably the Accugel family, with which the best results are obtained on electrophoresis. All bottles of Accugel are shockproof, PVC coated and the product has a stability of at least 24 months, if stored in optimum conditions.

Aquapor is another major family of Hartbiomedica’s catalog regarding products for electrophoresis. It is used for separation of DNA fragments and complex macromolecular proteins. Significantly reduces the time of electrophoresis for pulsed field applications.

Bis-Acrylagel, Nuclistain, Protogel, Sequagel or Ureagel are other families that make up the wide range of reagents for electrophoresis catalog, products that have received appreciation from many professionals who recognize the excellent qualities of each and every one of them.

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