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Biodegradable Tissue Solubilizer/Scintillator Combination. When used together, Bioscint and Biosol form a nonhazardous, biodegradable tissue solubilizer and scintillation solution that eliminates chemiluminescence. The solubilizer, Biosol, is designed to be used with a variety of samples, including tissue, filters and polyacrylamide gels. Bioscint is a neutralizing scintillation solution. One (1) part Biosol must be mixed with ten (10) parts Bioscint to be disposed of as nonhazardous waste under EPA 40 CFR Subpart C. Neither Biosol nor Bioscint can be disposed of separately as nonhazardous waste. Storage: Biosol is corrosive, and is best stored tightly capped in a cool dry area.
Ref. LS-309-4 LT
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