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In Hart Biomédica we make available different kind of Shock Wave equipments; DermaPACE© y OrthoPACE©, and Immunoassay Analyzer; Analizador DRG:BRID XL®.



OrthoPACE OrthoPACE©







The shock wave therapy was originally developed three decades ago for the removal of kidney stones. The medical experience accumulated over the years and the latest engineering combined in OrthoPACE®, which extensive clinical studies and trials have confirmed its safety and efficacy. OrthoPACE® is a technology based computer PACE® (Pulsed Acoustic Cellular Expression) that produces powerful shock waves electro.

OrthoPACE® is designed for specialists in orthopedics, traumatology and sports medicine.

OrthoPACE® is indicated for the treatment of, among others, pseudoarthrosis, Patellar Tendinitis, Tendinitis calcareous, plantar fasciitis, Achillodynia (sore Achilles), epicondylitis (tennis elbow, golfer's elbow), hip bursitis, osteoarthritis and acceleration of healing with fixation, fusion and graft fractures.


  • Shock waves activate biological signals for the angiogenic response which results in improved microcirculation revascularization and thus strengthen the natural mechanisms of healing and regeneration, in particular musculoskeletal tissues such as bone, tendon and ligament. This will minimize painful processes and restores mobility.
  • The technology of extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) has been proven as effective usually after a single treatment. ESWT is a noninvasive procedure so there is no risk of infection and allow future treatments in the same area.
  • OrthoPACE® has a proven success rate that is less than surgery, usually with a single treatment and without the risks, complications and recovery times invasive surgery. OrthoPACE ® requires a minimum time of treatment and patients can go home the same day and resume normal activity few days after.
  • Only the doctor can decide which patients are suitable to be treated with orthoPACE ®. How to position the patient and the ability to direct the acoustic energy down on the treatment area should be the parameters to consider before it. You should also consider the patient's general condition, the requirements of local anesthesia or sedation and possible allergic reactions to these drugs.


  • OrthoPACE® is not indicated in patients with anatomical abnormalities, acute inflammation and / or malignancies in the treatment area, either in treatment in the head, in the spine, in the lung area and / or the area of the gonads or if clotting disorders.
  • There are experiences in children, pregnant women, patients with pacemakers or implants in the treatment area.
  • OrthoPACE® is a portable unit for easy handling by ergonomic design, with plug-and-play and intuitive interface.
  • OrthoPACE® benefits for the practitioner are that they require only one or two treatments to successfully treat the patient, with the full procedure time less than 30 minutes. The equipment is amortized over a short period of time. Additionally adds value by offering the most advanced technology to patients.

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