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ACCUGEL 29.1 30%

Stabilized, ready-to-use solution of 40% (w/v) acrylamide : bisacrylamide(29:1). AccuGel 29:1 has zero acrylic acid content, eliminating the fixed charges that cause band streaking. Additionally, oxidation products such as aldehydes have been removed by a selective adsorption process. With AccuGel 29:1, you can trust that your results will be consistent from one electrophoretic run to the next. AccuGel 29:1 reduces exposure to neurotoxic acrylamide dust by eliminating the need for handling and weighing solid acrylamide and methylene bisacrylamide, which often leads to airborn particulate that can be readily inhaled.For your protection, AccuGel 29:1 is supplied in PVC coated shatter-proof bottles. AccuGel 29:1 is stable for 24 months when stored tightly capped in a dark area at room temperature
Ref. EC-851-1LT
Cantidad. 1 L

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